What Are the Main Contract Documents in Construction

The role of this document is to specify common standards that explain accepted deviations and provide information on the details of accepted materials. It also cites all the materials needed for testing. Specifications could be made with reference to building codes and standards. The MasterFormat plan complements the design drawings by specifying common standards, explaining accepted deviations, detailing accepted materials, and citing the tests required for all materials. Specifications are usually created by reference to formal standards and design codes. The scope of work determines the amount of work a person must perform to fulfill their contractual obligations. It can also be used as a reference point for processing change orders and defect lists. Contract management includes the preparation, analysis and execution of contracts to ensure that functional and economic performance is increased and risks are reduced. If a contract is poorly drafted, one or all parties can lose a large amount of money and resources. With effective management, contract management offers the parties a good business relationship and high profitability. Depending on the size of an organization, a lawyer may be appointed to ensure the accurate formulation of contracts. It is obvious that creating an effective contract is one of the most important steps for successful project management. A pre-contractual meeting may take place after the contractor has been appointed.

This is an opportunity for the project team to meet (perhaps for the first time) and plan their activities. Minutes of the pre-contractual meeting may be part of the contractual documents (for all supply channels) subject to the consent of both parties. This is an agreement used by the owner of the future building and the contractor. This is the main contract document, and other contract documents add a reference to it. As you can see, construction contracts are a set of different documents created by a number of different stakeholders in the project. So what happens when a subcontractor detects an inconsistency? When a change occurs, the magnitude of the change can be measured based on the drawings and other important documents available in the contract. This part of the construction contract contains a breakdown of all the elements that will be included in the construction project and their costs. Costing can be described in detail per item in a document that combines specifications and costs, or in a lump sum form that does not specify individual elements.

The scope of work document, sometimes referred to as a job description, should list all the work to be done, who is responsible for the work, how the work is to be done (techniques used), and what materials are used. This is the document that describes in detail how change orders are processed. In the design specifications section, you will find all the technical data and requirements. Specifications should describe in detail the materials and techniques to be used in a particular task. It will describe all quality standards, acceptable materials and quality controls required to ensure compliance. These specifications must be discussed and negotiated at the time of contract development, and subsequent changes to specifications are often dealt with under the conditions set out for change orders in the Scope of Work section. Construction insurance covers materials, risks, natural disasters and employees. Performance bonds, certain types of coverage and all risk insurance should be clearly defined in the contract in order to protect both parties and avoid disputes. Because contractual documents are often the basis of a claim. What does Certified Payroll mean? This position covers certified payroll requirements for contractors working on federal construction projects. A construction schedule is a crucial part of this document.

A client knows how and when a project is completed by reviewing this part. Sometimes a construction contract may require an updated schedule throughout the progress of construction. The schedule can be monthly or agreed on the terms of payment. Following the axiom of the Institute of Construction Specifications (CSI) for drafting the contract, «say it once and in the right place», which constitutes the contractual documents, should only be indicated in one place (preferably in the owner-contractor agreement). In order to increase the potential for uniform interpretation, the list of contractual documents should be complete and unambiguous and should not contain documents which should rightly not be contractual documents. This is a document created to provide project participants with a thorough assessment of the work involved, so that the production team on the construction site can sort its main component and decide how, in what order and when to complete it, and to ensure proper coordination of the requirements of the work, materials and machines (Bamisile, 2004). A construction contract may also include details on when to issue stop work orders, information about privileges, personnel requirements, safety instructions and excusable events, and how to identify them. Each contractor or builder should consider the possibility of additional documentation that may be required depending on the industry and business specifications. The purpose of these documents is to create a way to resolve claims and issues and to provide the legal entity that can be used to assert claims and resolve potential conflicts in the event of legal action. Construction contract and different types of contract A construction contract is an agreement between the owner and.

Download a free construction contract template that is suitable for almost any project. The terms and conditions define all terms and conditions such as utilities, vehicles, organizational structure, mobilization and demobilization. However, these elements are not directly related to construction activities. Obligations of both parties, terms and conditions, overheads, bonuses and certain other conditions are included in this part. It is a contractual document that defines the obligations related to the execution of the project and the rights of each party. It includes all the overhead costs that someone can claim and claim. Contract managers in the construction industry typically use one of the following standard forms: Although not always included, this document contains the contractor`s official mandate to perform each task and deliver any material that will be incorporated into the construction project. It is an organizational document that provides a systematic way to organize all the information in the different sections of the contract.

The terms and conditions of a comprehensive construction contract are the part that defines the rights, responsibilities and relationships between the client and the contractors. The most important thing is the demarcation of the rights and obligations of each party. Construction «contract documents» are written documents that define roles, responsibilities and «work» under the construction contract and are legally binding on the parties (owner and contractor). The individual documents that make up the construction «contract documents» are defined (in the standard EJCDC and AEOI documents) in the owner-contractor agreement (in EJCDC® C-520 (2013), see Article 9). Specifications simply complement the information specified in contract signatures and BILLS of materials. It describes in detail the work to be carried out under the contract, as well as the type and quality of materials, components and workmanship. It is a document that consists of the list of different materials and trades required by the construction project. This document cannot be requested by the customer at any time. The general conditions define the framework of the contract, which establishes all the rights and obligations of the parties concerned. .

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